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TDC Corporation
24-15 Chojamae Iidoi Rifu-cho
Miyagi 981-0113 JAPAN
phone: +81-22-356-3131

TDC is a manufacturing company which offers ultra-precise lapping and polishing services. Our ultra precise lapping/polishing technology realizes high precision manufacturing such as Roughness Ra 1nm, Parallelism 100 nm, Flatness 30 nm, tolerance +/-100 nm, Angle +/- 3 sec and Roundness 50 nm and satisfy these highly sophisticated validation requirements with world renowned metrology equipment. We handle a wide variety of materials including metals, ceramics, resin, glasses and semiconductor materials. TDC also offers Plasma-assisted polishing (PAP) services which is a highly efficient and high quality polishing technique for single crystal diamond (SCD) substrates.

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