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To log in, use the email address provided in the MEMS 2023 Conference Information message (from info@mems23.org). Your last name is your password. Please make sure to capitalize the first letter of your Family name (example: Le Gac). Your email and password are good for two (2) devices.

Note About Presentations
All material presented at the MEMS 2023 Online Conference is the intellectual property (IP) of the presenter and may not be recorded, photographed, quoted, disseminated or transmitted by summary in any form without express written authority of the author.

If you have not already done so, please download the following guidelines and read thoroughly and completely as they contain detailed information and troubleshooting tips.
EventPilot is the conference app/platform and will be used for viewing video session recordings and poster presentations remotely. It is supported on the latest versions of Chrome and Safari on your computer.

A note about EventPilot Online Planner and browser compatability:
While Google Chrome is EventPilot's preferred browser, two open-source Chrome variants on both Mac and Windows also appear to work.
  1. Brave Browser (includes a built-in AdBlocker)
  2. Chromium

EventPilot Page Navigation

System Requirements

The Conference uses EventPilot® by ATIV Software.

EventPilot® Web App & Online Planner System Requirements (Recommended)
Web App for devices other than Andriod or IOS (i.e. Windows Phones), and Online Planner for desktops, are supported on the following browsers:
  • Chrome Browser (latest version)
  • Safari (latest version)
Other browsers may be supported but are not optimized. For security reasons, it's always best to use the latest browser version.

Note for Safari defaults: "Prevent cross checking ON" under "Preferences > Privacy" must be checked OFF for Online Planner to work in an iFrame. Users can also launch the full-screen direct link to the planner URL.

Some features are only available in the native meeting apps. Blackberry devices are not supported.

iOS Version 15+
The current version of the operating system as well as the previous version on the latest minor updates are supported. Ensure to keep your device operating system up to date as manufacturers regularly release security updates.

NOTE: Vintage and obsolete devices (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201624) are not supported

Android Version 9+
Ensure to keep your device operating system up to date as manufacturers regularly release security updates.

While the app may partially run on older Android OS versions (Google WebView is required - latest Google Chrome app must be installed), it is not supported.

Some Android devices with limited memory are not supported (e.g. Moto G4 & MotoG5 in cases of large events). In this case, please use the mobile web version.


Use a VPN
For those in China and anyone else having problems viewing content, please try using a Virtual Private Network to access the platform. More information can be found via this link.