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Muegge GmbH
Hochstrasse 4 - 6
Reichelsheim, 64385 GERMANY
phone: +49-61-649-3070
fax: +49-61-6493-0793

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MUEGGE GmbH is a top international supplier in the field of industrial microwave and plasma technologies. Its portfolio includes microwave generators and components, including the corresponding power supply technology for various applications, such as industrial microwave heating, and especially plasma technology (Rapid Reactive Radicals Technology, R3T). The microwave systems produced by MUEGGE are used to generate plasma for semiconductor applications, in the areas of flat panel / OLED, MEMS, in the medical technology field, environmental technologies as well as in other industrial areas. MUEGGE has comprehensive expertise in PR-removal tools enabling a fast dry etch process for SU-8, KMPR and PMMA, which is a key technology for MEMS fabrication.

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