MEMS 2016
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Authors / Abstracts

Abstract Classification

  1. Generic MEMS and Nanotechnologies
    1.01 Materials for MEMS and NEMS
    1.02 Generic MEMS and NEMS Manufacturing Techniques
    1.03 Packaging and Assembly
    1.04 Manufacturing for Bio- and Medical MEMS and Microfluidics

  2. Micro- and Nanofluidics
    2.01 Materials for Bio- and Medical MEMS and Microfluidics
    2.02 Microfluidics and Nanofluidics
    2.03 Lab-on-Chip Medical Diagnostic Devices

  3. Bio and Medical MEMS
    3.01 Nanobiotechnology
    3.02 Biochemical Sensors
    3.03 Medical Microsystems (Probes, Implantables, Minimally Invasive, Etc.)

  4. Physical Sensors
    4.01 Materials for Physical Sensors
    4.02 Manufacturing Techniques for Physical Sensors
    4.03 Nanoscale Physical Sensors
    4.04 Inertial Sensors (Gyros, Accelerometers, Resonators, Etc.)
    4.05 Fluidic Sensors (Flow, Pressure, Density, Viscosity, Etc.)
    4.06 Sonic and Ultrasonic MEMS Transducers (Microphones, PMUTs, Etc.)
    4.07 Gas and Chemical Sensors
    4.08 Force and Displacement Sensors (Tactile, Force, Torque, Stress and Strain Sensor)
    4.09 Other Physical Sensors

  5. MEMS for Electromagnetics
    5.01 Materials for Electromagnetic Transducers
    5.02 Manufacturing for Electromagnetic Transducers
    5.03 NEMS for Electromagnetic Transducers
    5.04 DC and Low Frequency Magnetic and Electromechanical Components and Systems
    5.05 RF MEMS Components and Systems
    5.06 THz MEMS Components and Systems
    5.07 Photonic Components and Systems
    5.08 Free Space Optical Components and Systems (Displays, Lenses, Detectors)
    5.09 Other Electromagnetic MEMS

  6. PowerMEMS and Actuators
    6.01 Materials for Actuators and PowerMEMS
    6.02 Manufacturing for Actuators and PowerMEMS
    6.03 Nanoscale Actuators and PowerMEMS
    6.04 Actuator Components and Systems
    6.05 PowerMEMS Components and Systems
    6.06 Other Actuators and PowerMEMS

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